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"Crap he got loose." She turned around and started picking up the pokeballs she had dropped. "You did well Poliwag, I must say, that water gun is getting much better." She placed the last ball in her bag and remembered Orrie. Having no idea which one was his, she randomly picked one and released it. She did this for every empty ball, nothing happened. Eventually after six tries she did release a Pokemon, just not the one she wanted.

"Well what is this, that Pokemon from earlier?" It wasn't the Pokemon she wanted for sure, but then again it was another Pokemon. "Well hello there little guy, just wait there I gotta find my lazy Orrie." She then remembered Orrie's ball was in her pocket and sighed. "I'm an idiot. Okay so what are you" She held her pokedex up to the Nincada, and read the entry. "Well I like your evolution, and you don't look like a weakling, so I'm not at a complete loss."

She felt a little tired, "I'm going to take a nap, why don't you guys hang around."
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