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Originally Posted by Gunter's Mew View Post
I now feel less stupid after seeing all of these replies. I thought I was just answering a legit question. ??? is better then Silver imo (had Gold at the time) so it work out pretty well.

To this day I don't know what I should name him. Blue was always Gary to me because it was clear that on Yellow that he was Gary being Oak's grandson and on Red/Blue it was the same deal (though I am aware of the manga the anime just happen to hit me first). I may just stick with ??? when I play the 2nd gen again. Do the guy even have a canon name in the game files or something?
Silver is pretty near canon. That's the name he's given in Gold and Crystal if you don't enter a name, and its used as placeholder data in HG/SS until you can name him.

And yes, I named him ??? as well. My reason was twofold: The oddity of someone calling themselves ??? made the "name" stick in my mind, and I didn't want to lie to a police officer (this was before I found out that Pokemon has the most incompetent police ever). Nowadays I call him Silver because I like to keep as close to canon as possible, and no other name seems to fit.
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