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Leilani Estefania Juarez Garcia
Floor 2 - Celedonia; Floor 3 - Blues Village
Level: 5

“I love the opportunity of leadership,” Leila, who still hasn’t taken a bite of her food, continued to contemplate Ollie’s proposal of rebuilding the Dragon Scarce, their former guild. However, Leila had thoughts of not becoming part of a guild…but according to Ollie it seems like being in one can clear the game a lot faster than with a solo player like herself. “But I can’t take it right now, to be honest. Wait till I’m Level 10, then we’ll talk.”

Ollie seemed to be understandable towards Leila’s statement. He’s seven levels above her, and she needed more space for training. So, it would be best to leave her as is. “Right, you need to train more to be more. Well, if all possible, you should head over to Floor 3, which is Blues Village. There’s a lot of great monsters to fight with, and with your two powerful daggers, you’ll be able to beat all of them, in my opinion.”

Floor 3 seemed to be another good floor to head for, a level above Celedonia, which is Floor 2, and it seemed an alright floor for her. It became another challenge for Leila as she nodded and smiled at Ollie. “Okay. That’s what I will do then. Maybe sometime soon, we should keep in touch again and we’ll bring this up in our next ‘buffalo’ meeting…if you decide to bring your cookery skills to my buffalo.”

“Just message me and I’ll be there. Or visit me at Starter City, where I live.”

“However, Leila…”


“Your food is already cold.”


Leila spent an extra half an hour with Ollie, and agreed to message him when she’s ready to revive the Dragon Scarce. For now, she decided to exit Celedonia and head towards the next floor up: Blues Village. Ollie remained at his home, resting from eating way too much Buffalo.

Blues Village, it was a village filled with amphibian and swamp monsters. Leila is more of a clean freak, and she wasn’t expecting to be teleported to the dirtiest part of the floor…nearby the swamps.

A blue light flashed in between the trees. Leila appeared right next to a deep swamp, on the verge of entering the murky waters. Everything was dark, and the village was right nearby as well. Who would build a village right near a dangerous swamp? Leila looked around the area, assuming people who stay here are people who live here.

She looked down to her red & white kimono dress. “Should have changed before I left Ollie’s.” She said to herself. “Oh well, I’ll see what I can do without armor.”

One step, that’s all she ever took in this floor. With a giant sharp-toothed frog with green scaled skin coming out of the swamp, it eyed Leila, and opened its mouth with roar. Leila prepared to grab both of her daggers and targeted the giant frog. Her status bar showed:

Leila: 100%
Sharp Toothed Frog: 100%

Weapon: Daggers
[Attack] [Do Not Use]

Skill: Speed
[Use] [Turn Off]

Of course, she would use attack for this one. Both of her daggers are out in the open, and starts to sprint towards the frog. With one dagger pointing towards it, and the other to the front of her, for a bit of protection. She hits the frog in one blow, two blows, and three. With the dagger on the left hand to finish it off. Swipe by swipe, the frog was filled with red cuts, with lots of data marks inside. The frog roared as it fell on the shore of the swamp, and disappeared with bits and bytes.

Immediately, a status window appeared.

Level up!
Leila [Solo-Player]
Level: 6


Either those monsters would level Leila up quickly, or this floor is easier than Celedonia. Leila puts away her daggers, and continued to walk around the swamp for more beasts.

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