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    See i dont remember for sure at the moment.but try this.
    There is this command you use in pokescript.with that you use some figures.use this command in a script and compile it,and it will work.
    1.write a script,any script will work,even a basic message script.
    #org &start
    Message &1
    Boxset 6
    Warp 0x20 0x5 0xFE 0x55 0x2A

    #org &1
    &1 1 =this is an example. the above script,when you will run it,then the person will first say tha-this is an example,and then teleport you to the map you entered.
    4.if you want you can write this script,compile and then in a-map select a new script event and assign it.then you have to change the var value to 4050.thats when you will step on that script tile in game,again the message will be displayed-'this is an example' and you will be teleported. can even use this warp command with give pokemon or give item or wild battle or trainer battle script.
    6.just remember to add this line-
    Warp 0x20 0x5 0xFE 0x2A 0x65 (this is just a example).
    Warp will teleport you.
    0x20 means map number 20 in will have to check your map number in A-Map and then convert it to hex using a hex calculator and enter as the first figure.0x20 in this case..
    0x5 means bank number in HEX.check this too in a-map.convet thenumber to hex and enter as the second one.
    0xFE is to be written as it is.
    0x2A means the exact spot you want to be teleported.its the x- coordinate.example you wanted to be teleported in a certain map at a point.the value of that point you can check in bottom left hand says X:... And Y:...
    Both X and Y values are already in hex so no need to convert as like fist two numbers.
    7.Complete the script and hit compile,enter offset in a-map and save.
    8.goto any other map number.
    9.if it says save changes,click yes.
    10.go back to your map number on which you placed the teleport script and open it using pokescript.
    11.check the warp values.
    First three values will be as you have initially written,but the last two may have changed.
    12.if not enjoy.
    13.if the values are indeed changed,correct them and hit compile, your warp will work.
    15.i faced your problem too.
    16.always after compiling check the last two figures in warp command.they tend to corrupt while compiling.
    Hope it helps,if not pm me,i shall be happy to assist you.bye take care.
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