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    Hi guys, I have some questions regarding EV training on my Chansey.

    I was told a few days ago by a mutual friend of mine that EV'ing Chansey's HP, Defense, and Spec. Attack was the best option.

    So.. since then, I've been training on a variety of Geodude and Gastly. I haven't actually started EV'ing the HP values yet, but I plan on doing so later.

    I want to know what the deal is regarding how many stats in Defense I get per level-up.

    I've trained on at least 40 Geodudes and around 14-15 Gravelers. I've given my Chansey upwards of about 5 Irons, and yet every level-up, I only get +0 or +1... RARELY +2 stats in Defense. Am I missing something here?

    I guess my question is... Do your stats in level-up increase the higher the EV of that specific stat is? Because It doesn't seem to have affected my stat to a noticeable amount.

    The same applies with my Spec. Attack.. I've trained on about 30 Gastly and around 10-15 Budew and exactly 6 Roselia, and yet my Spec. Attack stat doesn't seem to go any higher than +1 or 2 per level-up. (No, I'm not done EV'ing Spec. Attack yet.)

    Since I have finished EV'ing Defense, I have been training on random trainers since with my Blissey (he evolved after the defense EV training), and his Defense stats have gone down once again. I know EV's max at a certain point, so I didn't think I'd need to constantly train on geodudes forever. I just want to know why it's giving me no progress.

    Additional Info

    Blissey's Nature is Sassy. (Not Great, but also not as bad as others)

    I can't remember her IV's, as it wasn't too important to me at the time. Same applies with Nature.

    Any help or advice on this issue of mine would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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