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sorry guys, had a rough weekend. ill try to keep up as best i can

Originally Posted by ~Electrivire~ View Post
Actually, I'm going to withdraw my want on the female Zorua and ask for the Vespiquen please Thank you! (I will message you my FC if you reply).
do you still want vespiquen

Originally Posted by MrTripStack View Post
Long time no see! ^-^

The Febas I got from you is still doing great! She's a Milotic now and is almost at level 100; at this rate, she'll be the first Pokémon to be trained to level 100 in my White 2! :D

I'm actually interested in adopting another Pokémon from you, if that's okay. I'd like your female Scraggy, and I can give you a starter Pokémon in return (have Snivy, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Tepig, and Oshawott) so you can breed some for future adoptions. Everybody loves beginners, right? c:
O.o wow already? they grow up so fast~It's fine with me but you gotta tell me which female scraggy
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