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    Originally Posted by Pokemon_Geek View Post
    and why does every pokemon get to learn Toxic? It should be restricted to poison types and a select few non-poison types(like Umbreon whose dex says it can spray poison).
    Omg! *high fives* thats like my exact philosophy on the move toxic. It makes to sense every single pokemon has the abillity to badly poison another pokemon especially when it doesnt make sense. Like only poison types and poisonous/venom related animals should have toxic.

    *ahem* well anyway I do think having a poison type legendary would be cool. Especially if it was like a misunderstood, polution poke or something, but as everyone before me i doubt it would be poison. The only thing is that all the best poison dual types have already been implemented(i'm looking at you drapion) but i'm sure it would be a unique pokemon nonetheless as the poison type has ssoooo much potential.