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    Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
    Congrats on the shiny Zubat, GolurkIsDaBomb!

    Welcome to the club, synerjee, Flydro, and drummerdude776!
    Originally Posted by Yami_Zidane View Post
    Wow, this place is still going. Awesome.

    Hi guys don't think I've posted since 2009, but I'm Yami. I used to be Co-owner of the Shiny Hunters club and an avid shiny collector.

    When I had my DS and Diamond version stolen, which had all of my pokémon on it I pretty much gave up on gaming but I've been sucked back in with the release of Black and White 2.

    Unfortunately I don't have any of my old shinys :-\ but best part was hunting for them so I'm back in the game!

    Hopefully some of the older members are still here; Metal Mario, ryan, LDD. Either way it's good to be back and it's great to see the club is still so active! I hope you'll all welcome me back with open arms, even though I'm shiny-less now.
    Welcome back! Cool to see a long time member return. Sorry you lost all your old shinies, but good luck with hunting your new ones.

    Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
    Woah, what an awesome month!!!

    Yes! Congrats on those shinies - you got Cyndaquil so quickly!! I'm still hunting for him and I've done over 12000 SRs, "lol." You must have taken my luck when I wasn't looking!!

    *guards luck buckets carefully, but then lets Flydro have them again*
    Haha yeah I was surprised Cyndaquil showed up so quickly. That was my second shortest hunt ever behind Mudkip, which only took 12 SRs on Ruby. I evolved it into Swampert but I lost it when I lost all my old games. But good luck to you on your Cyndaquil hunt G-Money! Hope you get it soon.

    And thanks for the welcomes, and welcome to all fellow new members and the returning members too! I'm still on the hunt for Skarmory on SS, right now I'm at 1445 REs and counting. I want it really bad I hope I get lucky and find it soon

    Good luck to everyone!
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