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Hi There! My Name is mewmasterify (well username) or just call me Mews if you want. I am here to Attempt on Making a New Team and New Hack.The Hack called "Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians" and Creator destinedjagold, Inspired me to make this Hack .
To all those who are wondering how i got into Pokemon Hacking well you see back in 4th Grade I got my First Pokemon Game Called Pokemon Platinum and it was Fun because there was so much stuff to do so then i thought if there are Other Pokemon Games then i should play them so i Researched up the First Pokemon Games and there Current Games but one downfall i wanted to play other Pokemon Games and have that Handheld Controller then when i just got into 5th Grade (i was 9 in Grade 5 btw) i Heard My Friends saying "Its Impossible to Hack Pokemon" so then i went on my Computer i then searched "Pokemon Hacking" then i clicked on the First Link and now I'm a Pokemon Hacker.

Rom Base:
Pokemon Fire Red

Rom Hack: Pokemon Legend of Galacvus

Past: Once ago there was a Pokemon Named Arceus who made The World and New Pokemons and everything was in peace and Harmony until when Team Galactic were Making a New Pokemon Called Galacvus after when there Leader Named Cyrus Has been Defeated by a Pokemon Trainer Named Lucas
then when Team Galactic Finished making Galacvus something just then went Terribly wrong when a Shade out of nowhere got into the Machine Creating Galacvus and Made Galacvus the Strongest Pokemon that Destroyed Towns,Cities,and Humans.Arceus then sended in all the Legendarys to stop Galacvus but they weren't Able To Stop Galacvus then Arceus Stepped into the Battle and used his Godly Powers to Seal Galacvus in Mt. Ray Peek.

Present: Now, in the Present there is a Boy Named Kay who is 10 and lives in Abandoned Town called Seashore Town and He is the Only One that lives in there since Everybody in that Town Past away from a Curse from this Pokemon Group Called "The Curse Causers" its when a Bunch of Ghost Pokemons Cause Curses on People.Once Kay was walking to Vertanlerp Town until he saw Someone Running Screaming Out For Help then the Person Screaming for Help then went behind Kay all of sudden there were 2 People Right in Front of Him that Had a Black Suit they said "Hand over the Documents Professor K. Laine and Nobody Gets Hurt" Professor K. Laine said "No,I won't hand it over to you guys" then a Lucario came out of Nowhere and used Flash and Escaped with Kay and Professor K. Laine to a Seashore Town. Kay said "Thank You Blue Dog Thing" Professor said "Thanks Lucario" Lucario said "No Problem By the Way I'm not a Blue Dog Thing" Kay and Professor said "You Can Talk!?" Lucario Said "Ya! Why not? well i better be Going" Kay and Professor said "Bye!..." Professor said "well i goto be going aswell but be sure to Visit my Lab! Bye!" Kay said "Bye!". This is now a Pokemon Adventure but will it be more than just a Pokemon Adventure? Find out when you Play The Game!

1.You can be Good or Evil
2.A new Hero and Evil Organization
3.4th Gen Pokemons are inside!
4.A new Region called "Kainorra"
5.And Many more New Stuff.

Positions Needed:
1.Spriter(especially a Fakemon Spriter)
2.Tile Inserter
3.OW Spriter
4.ASM Hacker
7.Storyline Specialist
8.Banner Maker
9.Titlescreen Hacker
10.Beta Tester
11.Alpha Tester
(PM me for anymore Suggestions)

Me (Sprite Inserter, Storyline Plot Maker,and Leader)
Ice-Dragon (Alpha/Beta Tester)
Aryan143 (Spriter,Alpha/Beta Tester,and Banner Maker)
Ciraoffire (Alpha/Beta Tester,and Story Specialists)

Proof of Work:
Why you want to Join:

Well i guess thats it. Bye Guys!