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    Originally Posted by Adin Terim View Post
    Wow this is great. Is the perspective of the story going to change every time the main character(s?) wakes up?
    Thanks. And pretty much, yeah - for now. There's a specific moment when the Unovas switch over, and that's not going to remain the same throughout the story.

    Now, for an explanation as to why there have been no updates recently and probably won't be for some time; I feel, as a (mostly) fairly fast writer and sort-of regular updater, that I owe it to those of you who read Crack'd to explain. At the moment, I am still working on the story - when I can. But my free time is primarily taken up with a different story these days, and one which I can't, unlike normally, put off until later, as it is intended as a gift for someone on a specific date and must be finished to a high degree by a specific date, as well as sent to the printer's and bound.

    So yeah. My apologies, but there's going to be a little bit of a hiatus for a while.


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