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    Jet cocked his head when another player appeared between the Golem and the two of them. The brief pause in battle allowed Jet to go over what he knew of Golems, mentally confirming what the newcomer had said. What's it guarding? he thought. It was the perfect thing for him to discover, at the moment. Then the swordsman decided to attack the Golem, which sent it into a rampage. Jet quickly moved out of range of the flailing arms, listening as the swordsman outlined his plan. Personally, I'm not sure that it's a higher level than me, but no time to check.

    Jet swiped one hand to accept the party invitation, then made sure his Speed skill was on. "Ready when you are, captain," he said to the swordsman, giving an exaggerated salute before reversing his daggers so they pointed down from his fists. Seconds after the martial artist struck the Golem, Jet sped forward and jumped up at it, bringing his daggers downward and plunging them into the construct's torso once the other player was out of the way. Jet immediately pushed off with his legs, dragging his daggers up and out as he flipped backward to land on the ground.
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