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    Originally Posted by Alaka-Z View Post
    By using Advanced Trainer to create your own trainers, is there a way to change to BGM during the battle (e.g make the battle use the gym leader theme)? Also, is there a way to enable infinite rematches with the trainers you create? Thirdly, on Advanced Trainer can you choose the Pokemon's Ability or is it random(In vids there seems to be no way to choose ability)
    Oh, and do ROMs download to all user accounts on the PC, because I use a shared PC so I was hoping that it only downloads to my user account.
    Finally, can flashcart GBA games link via cable in the normal method with genuine GBA carts?
    Again, thanks
    Soz 4 all the questions but i've never hacked in my life.
    Yes, but you don't use A-Trainer, you have to use a script to make it gym leader themed. There is a way to make infinite battles, but I can't share them here, no, you can't choose a trainer's Pokemon's ability, no, ROMs you download are on your user account only, and it depends on the flash cart your using, most of them do work with link cables linked to genuine GBA games.