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    Most creatures, the poison is a natural part of their biology so they are naturally immune to their own poisons. Toxic doesn't have to be the same toxins for every Pokemon. Medically each Pokemon would produce its own poison with the attack that their bodies are naturally immune to.

    Humans are similar with Blood types and donors. Others may not accept the organs or blood safely even being matching types. Auto-immune disease in cases like these aren't as common, but possible.

    Then you have genetic illness carriers who are immune to the disease themselves, but still carry the gene that carries it.

    As for Komodo, they can easily be anything else if the creators want it to be. I can see on as Pure Dragon based on name, Dark due to way they hunt and because of how they are mentally, they could be Water or Grass due to habitat.

    Its based on what the creator would want for it.

    Most common WOULD be poison. XD Even I made a Poison/Dragon Komodo Fakemon.