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    Hello! So.... I don't know if it is just that I haven't looked enough or what, but I can't find enough info to get this done: I'm trying to edit the world map in Pokemon Emerald (Later I'll be working on RS too... but that's beside the point.) I've found the three tilsets (245, 328, 330) and tilemaps (246, 390, 331) in unLZ. I've decompressed them all to .raw and .png files (256 for tilesets and 16 for maps.) (for backups, comparison, experimentation etc.)

    I also made my own map in GIMP, using the exact same colors as the tileset in the game (taken with VBA); then I used Sphere to remove duplicate tiles in the tileset. I PrtScreen-nd that back into gimp indexing it with the same colors too (.png, both a 0compression and a 9-or-something/max compression version.) Made the .raw tilemap in NTME (8bpp). I noticed in VBA that the world map is square (512x512) and that NTME's Emerald World Map setting isn't, so I made three different sizes (in tiles): a 32x32, a 64x32, and a 64x64 sized map.

    Going back to the tileset, I opened up TileMolester-Alt 8bpp linear, imported the bg.pal I got from VBA when looking at the world map, Pasted in my tiles (same dimensions as the tileset I got from #328) and saved it as .raw.

    unLZ doesn't want to overwrite the tileset even though the .raw is using the same colors (if I open it back up in TileMoleset-alt it goes to 2bpp planar, and after turning it back its colors are different until I reload the pallet) it's the same size (I even opened it up with a hexeditor and deleted all of the unused tiles at the end... so now my tileset .raw is 2to3 8x8 tiles smaller in filesize).
    unLZ won't even compress and put the original tilesets back into the rom, claiming they are too big when compressed too.

    So any help would be awesome in finding a way to replace the files. (I don't want to use any free space when I'm not using ANY more data than the game is, AFAIK.)