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Daniel Williamson / Level 8
Floor 4: Dysthaven

Daniel watched as the two warriors attacked the golem with both flair and style. He couldn't seem to get the smile from off of his face, it'd been so long since he'd fought anything other than swine and other minor creatures, and he was trapped inside a sea of nostalgia from his younger days. It was finally his turn to attack, but looking at the health bar of the beast made him slightly unsettled. It was enough that he wasn't sure the next attack would be a sure-fire kill, but he was certain that anything below the goliath's nonexistent neck wouldn't be enough. What was worse, if he missed then the golem would have a clear shot of one or two of the players, and that would do some pretty massive damage, maybe even proving to be fatal. He brought his glowing sword down to his waist and took a deep breath, knowing that it was all or nothing.

Then, suddenly, he dashed forward as fast as he could. He let out an incredible battle cry, and inadvertent one that was brought on by adrenaline. Then, when he was somewhat close to the golem, he jumped, took hold of his sword with both hands, brought it down to his stomach, and then yelled, “SWITCH! ” He thrust his sword forward into the face of the golem, which was rather high off of the ground (or rather, higher than he thought it was from his previous vantage points). The sword pierced the rock as was expected, but after that there were a few moments of silence. The world felt still, and all Daniel could hear was his heartbeat as he hung from the sword so high off of the ground. He feared that, at any moment, the golem would emit a loud roar and kill him effortlessly. He feared that the golem would spontaneously react and kill one of the other two. He feared the worst. His face slowly rotated to the right as he shook uncontrollably. He was scared to see what the health indicator had to show. He knew that he was only delaying the inevitable, but it wasn’t something he had complete control over.

Gray. Normally filled with green, yellow or red, the health indicator was completely and utterly gray. Daniel was immobile. He wasn’t able to control the ecstasy that he felt, and thus, it took him over. Initially, his face showed shock and he became immobile. Then the shock was replaced with surprise, and the surprise replaced with rapture. Again, it was a nostalgic feeling that he had, reminding him of days of old when he would challenge in incredibly tough boss, dying again and again, only to prevail in the end. It was a childish reaction, but it was all he could manage. He looked above the golem’s head to see in the word “Congratulations!” in a glorious gold color. Promptly, the Golem started to disintegrate into a mass of small transient golden orbs of light from the head down.

Unable to dismount in time, Daniel fell to the ground when the face of the golem disintegrated. He would have gasped in pain, but he was too busy laughing. In front of him was a prompt that showed him the items he won.

You obtained:
  • Golem’s Ore
  • Charm of Goliath

Both of these were rare items, indeed; it was only fitting for the defeat of a rare monster. The Golem’s Ore is a rare resource that one can have forged into a weapon, accessory, or piece of armor by a skilled blacksmith. The Charm of Goliath is a unique accessory that gives a moderate increase in defense without the strain of speed-lowering penalties often paired with rock-based or metal armor.

Then, another message showed up.

Congratulations! You are now level 10!

You learned:

  • Parry
  • Sonic Strike

T-two levels? He thought the golem was a higher level than him, but not by that much. It was likely because of the fact that it was rare that he gained more experience than usual. Parry is a rather common RPG ability; it is a timed technique where one pushes away the opponent’s weapon and then counterattacks. Granted, one can already do that on their own due to the unrestrained control of Sword Art Online, but this seemed to be in the form of an Art, thus likely stronger than an average parry. The Sonic Strike, from what Daniel could deduce, seemed to be a Speed-dependent lunge…though that was just theory, he actually had no idea what it was or how it was preformed.

Daniel turned to his temporary comrades and said, “Thanks, guys. I was way outta my league. I probably could’ve run, but I was having so much fun-“He stopped himself, rethinking what he was going to say. “Uh…sorry about putting you guys in so much danger. I’d like to hope that the items and EXP you guys got as a reward would be enough, but…” He turned in another direction. “I’m Daniel. This may have been a temporary pact, and I don’t know what your motives are, but I really am in your debt.” He pulled out two Minor Attack Potions, as well as two normal Potions and threw one to each of them. Despite being “Minor”, they almost literally cost Daniel an arm and a leg to make. As one would expect, the potions temporarily boost one’s Attack, the magnitude depending on the first descriptive word of the potion (in this case it was Minor, the lowest level). “Thanks for all of the help.”
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