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Tbh I thought there were more trade-evolution Pokémon haha, there's actually surprisingly few!

Username: AlexOzzyCake
Partner Pokemon: I really don't know, I'm stuck between four of them :( I'll go with Gorebyss! It's a shining beauty of the sea and it's a very quirky Pokémon to use in battle.
Reason for joining: The trade evolution Pokémon are generally pretty fascinating. They all have a really unique quirk to them like Machamp's extra arms or Slowking's royal stature and this is the reason I usually use at least one of them in my team. They're generally very strong Pokémon once they've evolved (there are a few exceptions of course, but a lot of them are complete powerhouses :p) and they're pretty fun to obtain too! It's more of a connection formed with them when you have to go to more difficult lengths to evolve them.

Do you like trading as a method of evolution? Why or why not?
At first I really didn't since I just saw it as a way for Nintendo to make more money and it irritated me that I couldn't get some of the really cool Pokémon that I wanted, but then I stopped being so cynical and began finding it a really cool way to spark evolution. Some of the methods are so intricate like Clamperl's tooth/scale or Karrablast/Shelmet's cross-evolution, and these traits make the Pokémon far more interesting than a lot of the standard evolution Pokémon. It's just that much more of an accomplishment once you've worked to obtain the parameters for evolving the Pokémon and then you have to trade it over, it seems more of an achievement when you receive it back haha. The only thing I don't like about it is that you usually miss seeing your own Pokémon evolve, but I guess it can't be helped!