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    Elise Vivian Molyneux
    Cliffs loomed over Elise as the two girls came to a stop in the arid landscape. They were not their destination however, no self-respecting plant would be found up there. It was far too hot and dry, even for a desert type plant; if Elise had to assume based on her lacking plant knowledge of course. Elise looked up and down the cliffs, wondering if anything lay hidden at its peak. Sometimes developers of games would hide stuff in hard to reach places, but Elise had never heard of such a thing in SAO. The trek up was definitely not worth the payoff in curiosity, especially if she fell. Spontaneous or not, sanity won this time. No, the entrance to the cave was what served as their best option.

    Five meters tall at least and a few sparse meters wide, a faint glow issued forth from its bowels. The source of the glow eluded Elise, maybe some sort of crystal that helped illuminate the interior?

    "Here we are..." Krissu said and reached for the broadsword on her back, unsheathing it readily. "Seems like an as good place as any to start. I'm not sure where the Dustskin should grow, but it should be someplace relatively deep, since the air might not be as hot down there and there might be some underwater source of water. However that can work in this floored world. What monsters could we expect to find here? Goblins and golems? I never focused on fighting on this floor."

    “Well,” Elise began trying to recall what information she knew of this floor. Krissu already mentioned the two enemies she had encountered the most on this floor. The Goblin Miners seemed to be everywhere, but only recently had she seen them in such high a concentration. “Golems and Goblins are the most common enemies that I’ve seen, the Goblins more so than the Golems. I have heard of one enemy that I’ve personally never seen before however. Something called the Crystal Weaver, if I’m remembering the name correctly.” Elise placed a finger on her chin and bit her lower lip as she tried to remember what she had heard of it.

    “Supposedly,” she lifted her fingers in air quotes sarcastically. “It’s some kind of spider monster, but I don’t know much beyond that. Could just be some kind of myth however.” Elise shrugged and pulled the shield off her back holding it in front of her. “Anyway, you ready? No time like the present.” She smiled at Krissu and gestured towards the cave. “Just stay close, I don’t want you dying on me.” Her teasing side resurfacing again. So far, Krissu had been a pretty good sport with her teasing. Elise respected that about her. A lot of people had a tendency to get offended when she did so in the past.

    Elise took a few steps forward, her feet crossing the threshold of the cave. Her feet made a soft echoing noise as she stepped in, her senses ready for whatever the cave would throw at them.
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