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Unsure about which topic to address first, and taken slightly off guard by how he had started a topic on husks she just took a deep breath. "Well first, I've seen a husk before... It's what killed those officers and hurt Kale. Needless to say, we had to kill it. But a husk isn't a demon, or any creature. O was telling me about it. A husk is a human who has had their mind torn to pieces, completely void of anything but the last wish they had before they died. He said it was like their soul had been ripped from them. He told me that they feel nothing but sorrow of their memories, and it eats away at them, leaving them in a fit of rage and despair."

She sighed, "He told me that mental bonds are the only way a husk can be created from loss though, that is to say that death from a mental bond can result in a husk of another." She continued eating, though her appetite was fading, she thought about that man at the bank, who had been in despair, even as he raged on. "I can't say that I return the feelings to you Ryan, I've only known you for a few days, and even that was a few conversations. Though, I do have a proposition for you, if Kale agrees then why don't we form a group. Surely you've heard of them?"
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