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    1. People that play Pokemon don't seem to have a whole lot of things in common other then they like Pokemon. I can't really say any more then that.

    2. Mmm, I don't know the exact time. Usually about three hours a day. Sometimes it's just one or zero if I get bored with it.

    3. Well, I'd wish some players weren't so, what's the word, naive I guess. A lot of them think come up with these mind blowing ideas that they think nobody has thought of before but they're not. Some players also complain about silly things like people making fun of them for liking Pokemon. Not realizing that those kinds of people would probably make fun of them even if they didn't like Pokemon. Also, people who dislike the anime yet love the plot of B/W. I don't get that.

    4. Don't know what you mean. Do you mean like runs?

    5. Terms, um I don't know. I like to call legendaries, ledgies, and Pokemon money, pen, if that counts. I don't know if other people do that.
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