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    John Archer[Ranzatsu]

    -Ranzatsu watched as plain wild survival instinct took hold on one of the other players as they prepared a skill. It shone bright in their eyes and was relayed in his body language as well. With an intimidating battlecry that caused Ranzatsu to double-take, the player advanced at great speeds towards the raging beast with his sword drawn and trailing the aura of the skill. At the last moment he had lept into the air, using his momentum to boost his jump greatly only just reaching the face of the golem.

    Ranzatsu's eyes alternated between the health bars of the beast and the player itself quickly, only just catching the players sword being driven down into the face of the golem. This move was truly a foolish one to make, despite the damage that accompanied it. His sword struck true though, dealing a successful high damaging moved that emptied out he golem's health bars and in turn killing the creature. The kid was a bit slow on the dismounting however and was dropped to the floor as the head of the golem vanished and the sword lost its hold.

    His arms were crossed indifferently as a message made its way onto his screen with an announcement.

    "Congratulations! You have reached level 10!"

    His facial expression didn't betray the concealed joy at reaching a higher level, not one but two in one. The message then showed him the amount of experience that he had earned as a result and showed that he was a little over halfway to his next level. The golem they had just defeated was indeed a rare creature that was worth tons of xp, but it seems only the initiator of the fight was awarded with the rarest drops from it. After reviewing all of this information Ranzatsu turned to catch the 4 potions, each visible for a few seconds before they disappeared into his inventory.

    In a few short steps he was already in front of the player called Daniel with a fixed glare upon his face.

    "That creature didn't have to die. It was protecting something, you disturbed it, and then others were brought into this. Don't say you didn't ask for our help because I am aware of that, but there are some people who would sooner kill themselves than to see another player perish before their eyes. In the future I would advise choosing your battles more wisely."

    -Ranzatsu then turned and began to walk off in the direction the golem had come from, then stopped and turned halfway back.

    "Every good tamer knows that in order to work and tame other monsters, you must first understand them. You would do good to remember that."

    -Having said this he continued in his direction without another word.-
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