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    Ruby and Brave were staring at the ocean as they leaned against the rails of the ship. Ruby looked down at Brave who wasn’t very impressed by the ocean or the waves. Instead he was clawing at his yellow scarf with curiosity. “Do you like that scarf?” Ruby asked with a smile at her Pokemon. Brave simply looked up and gave a small nod to show he did. He did not smile back instead he looked rather serious. “What’s with that attitude, partner?” Ruby crotched down next to Brave and grabbed his paw. At first Brave thought about pulling away, but then Ruby put her other hand on top of his head. “Don’t worry partner, I’m an aura user so this is just a basic aura reading technique.” Ruby smiled at Brave again, who turned away with his face slightly red. Ruby began concentrating on the aura of her new partner.

    “I’ve never seen such a strong and wild aura from such a small Pokemon. I’ve lived in the mountains with Onixs, Geodudes, Gravellers, and other wild Pokemon, but none of their auras were like your aura, Brave. You must have quite the potential locked down inside of you. I hope that as partners we will be able to awaken that potential as my grandfather did to me.” Brave turned his head towards his trainer and snatched his paw away. “Well aren’t we a little too cool to hold hands with a girl.” Ruby laughed as Brave turned his head with a redder face again. “You know Brave, I haven’t told you about my life in the mountains yet. Want to hear about it?” Brave slowly turned his head and slightly nodded. So Ruby began her story about her life and training in the mountains. While at first Brave was uninterested in the words of his trainer, as the story progressed about her battles, learning aura skills, and trying to become a heroine he felt himself wanting to hear and learn more about his trainer. “I can see and feel from your aura that my story created quite the spark in you.” Ruby began to pat the head of Brave. Brave then noticed her bracelet and started to claw at it like he did to the scarf. “Oh this is just something I made for my birthday while I was in the mountains. While I was up there I realized I hadn’t celebrated my birthday in a while so I decided to get myself something nice. As a girl, it’s only obvious that I would want an accessory to flaunt and thus I decided to make a bracelet. To get the materials, I enlisted the help of some of the cave Geodudes and Zubats that liked me and also had my ally scarves. So with their help I searched the cave to find pretty stones to make a bracelet. We couldn’t find much at first, but then I found this cool looking everstone and went after it. However, it was guarded by this boss Onix that rules that cave. He was a big fella that really disliked a human like me disturbing his territory. So in order to get this stone, we had to dodge his rock throw and iron tail attack. Once we did that, Geodude used magnitude to deal damage as Zubat used supersonic to confuse him. I dashed pass the Onix and dived for the everstone, but was soon stopped by his tail. When I turned around I saw that both Zubat and Geodude had been knocked out. The Onix went for a skull bash attack and came straight at me. Had my grandfather not come and blocked it with an aura shield I wouldn’t be here today. This bracelet is a reminder of the aura user I want to be, Brave.”

    Brave was so enticed by the story Ruby could see his fur standing up. She could see he was becoming excited by her tales. Ruby was about to tell Brave another story, but soon the ship was pulling into what was left of a port. Ruby guided Brave off the ship. They stepped off and saw the remains of what used to be a city. Ruby and Brave were awestruck and as they moved off the port they saw Professor Rowan again. “How goes it old man Rowan?”
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