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Originally Posted by synerjee View Post
Hi I'm not the hugest Dark-type fan around, but I still think it's an awesome Pokemon type.

My favorites would have to be Hydriegon, Krookodile and Zoroark. Both Hydreigon and Krookodile are Awesome and powerful. As for Zoroark, it was one of the first B/W Pokemon I've known. I found it so cool and I've always told myself that I'll definitely get it on my team when I get the game (but up until now, I still haven't..) Scrafty's awesome too with great attack and defenses, but a tad slow. Makes a great Payback user. x)

Do I have o answer a question or something? Oh, which Dark-type's design do I not like? Hmm..that'll have to be Shiftry. It looks rather cranky and old lol.
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