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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
I'm going to try replicating the results of your assigning textures in 3DS Max, as I really need to add that part to my tutorial to complete it. This will most definitely help both of us! Thanks! I'll add a link to this tutorial for people wanting to do 5th Gen mapping later on.
Alright, cool. Excellent, thanks! And yeah, our tutorials surely will educate people who are new to hacking Generations 4 and 5, we'll be seeing more NDS ROM hacks in no time. It just shows... if we all concentrate on something and never give up trying... it will eventually become accomplished. And that's how many developers unlocked the gateway to hacking generation 4 and 5. Our tutorials will also bring them even closer, and knowing that NDS ROMs are much easier to hack than GBA ROMs in regards to how NDS ROMs have named headers in them, it makes GBA ROM hacking much more difficult to find certain offsets unless you have a program that already can edit in that particular offset.

We'll try distributing 3ds Max 6 and Maya 7 to many places, including the NitroSDK as well as it's plugins. Even though we can't provide the links here, the more we spread them through torrents, the more easier it would be for people to find them while searching Google. Just like how it was with music hacking on GBA back in the days before 2006, there was a program called mid2agb which comes with the GameBoy Advance SDK. Now that the GameBoy Advance SDK can be found everywhere on the web, it's now possible to do anything with those tools. Now that the NitroSDK is going to be distributed somewhere on the web, it will open up a brand new era of ROM hacking.
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