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    Originally Posted by Sandshrew4 View Post
    I really like it. I had never been so excited over a pokemon game or any video game even. The designs are great and the game is cool. Only two problems I have with it is- One, you just get things randomly (i.e. Some clown dude just randomly gives you a bike. In previous games you had to save the bike guy but now some strange clown just hands you a bike. Also, Bianca stalks you and randomly gives you hm's. There are more but thats all i can think of off the top of my head). And two- Everything has changed. Some of this is not possible in two years (i.e. Bianca looks like she's at least five years older, Gym's have been changed/moved, the cold storage has been demolished and replaced with the world tournament, victory road has been moved altogether, new towns have been made (or have they been "discovered?" I dont know.) So, those are the two problems I have but otherwise, the game is awesome!
    Well with the Plasma castle destroying the original victory road that is being rebuild(you can see it being rebuild at the top level

    Cold storage wasnt such a big area, and the PWC after all only opens when you arrive there, and if you see the speed they are building here you wouldnt be surprised, they could do this in half a year.

    The towns obviously were there before, you hjust didnt have access to them

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