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    Hi, now i starting to play battle frontier.
    Currently, I'm using my standard 3 and just gotten a silver shield in battle tower.

    Swampert Relax nature @ leftover
    ice beam
    252hp, 120Def, 136 att
    (Physical tanker and help in clearing dragon-type)

    Gardevoir Timid nature @ bright powder
    Calm mind
    252spA, 252 Speed, 4 hp
    (Spec sweeper+Spec wall)

    Salamence Adament nature @ Choice band
    Aerial ace
    brick break
    252att, 252 speed, 4hp
    (Physical sweeper)

    Up till now, i still cant get gold medal for tower and dome as i have only try them, only gotten silver for both of them. I wonder what other pokemons can i add onto my team for battle frontiers to make frontier seem more easy without using any so-call allowed lengerdaries like regi's and latios/latias. And if possible, only include pokemon from emerald and not traded pokemons.
    What about other gyms in the frontier?
    I heard battle palace require pokemon with some specific nature to be good in it, battle factory is about renting pokemon (so it is not about my pokemon team) I hope i can get gold badge in all the gyms in the frontier.

    Any recommendations/suggestions on my teams will be much appreciated
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