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    Originally Posted by Aurasphereboy View Post
    I really like pokemon black and white as I have white and have competed it my finishing team was an emboar,an arcainine,a sigilyph,a lucario,a garchomp and a umbreon

    What is your white 2 fc mines 4127 2894 4759

    whats your white 2 fc mines 4127 2894 4759

    mine is white 2 FC: Gina 4728-6055-9027
    My pokemon black(1) version FC: Pokemon black FC: GINA 2538-1241-4913
    Pokemon white FC: Daniele 4728-6058-4642
    Pokemon white 2 FC: Gina 4728-6055-9027, add me freely if you want trade, battles or helping out i'm there for you!
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