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    Patrick McCallion - New Bark Town Lab/Town

    One year has past. New Bark Town has been been coming along leaps and bonds, and Patrick and Phanpy have grown stronger as partners helping everyone rebuild. Also due to alot of his experience at the Olivine Cafe, Patrick was able to cook alot of food for everyone at Elm's kitchen and they would have a few banquet's every month, but no one's meals could compare to Gold's mother. Over the year, with the assistance of Professor Elm, he was able to learn alot more of Pokemon typing and versatility. But every so often Elm would've travelled around Johto, in search of remarkable trainers, which meant Patrick and Phanpy had to train independently. Everyday for that year, Patrick has thought about his parents. He had talked to Phanpy many times about the experience, and Phanpy was able to relate very well.

    Mr. Pokemon arrived into town. He rushed into the laboratory, to find Patrick and Phanpy in Elm's kitchen upstairs. 'PATRICK!! PATRICK!!' panted the old man. Patrick walked over to the old man. 'Sir? Are you okay?' 'Boy, I'm fine! I've got remarkable news!!' Elm followed him upstairs. 'What's all the ruck-us up here? Patrick you didn't put chilly powder in Mr. Pokemon's coffee again did you?' Patrick jumped and shook his head. 'What! Professor that wasn't me! Phanpy was looking for the coffee beans and he handed me the yellow jar that I thought was coffee but it was chilly!' Phanpy jumped up and began tooted his snout at them, as they began ranting.

    'QUIET!!!' yelled Mr. Pokemon as he caught his breath. Elm, Patrick and Phanpy looked at him. 'So what is this remarkable news?' Patrick asked. 'Mr. Pokemon pulled out an envelope containing two tickets for a cruise liner. Elm began jumping and skipping with joy. 'It's finally here!!! WOOHOO!!' cheered the Professor as he began dancing. Patrick looking surprised decides to join in with the happy dance with Mr. Pokemon, Elm and Phanpy.

    After a while they all sat around a table as they were eating freshly baked muffins Patrick and Phanpy had made. 'So what are the tickets for?' Patrick asked just as he took a bite. Elm looked at his Poke-Gear, suddenly feeling a bit sad when he realised what was coming. 'I can't believe it's been a whole year already...feels like only yesterday, Jasmine's Skarmory flew you in here.' Mr. Pokemon handed Patrick the envelope. Confused he opened it and took out the tickets and read them. 'Unova? Where's that?' asked Patrick. 'It's a distant Region which was quite the gathering point for trainers a few years back. With the unique Championship Tournaments and the Pokestar Studios. The Region was quite the landmark. Personally I've always wanted to visit their and study the Legendary Pokemon, Victini.' Answered Mr. Pokemon. Elm takes an iPhone like device out of his Lab coat and slides it across the table to Patrick. He picks it up and looks at it. He clicks the only button he sees and a light shoots into his eye scanning his iris. After 3 seconds it stopped as information began loading on the device.

    Looking more confused, Patrick turns to Elm. 'Excuse me, but what's this?' 'That Patrick is the latest model of the Pokedex. The i-Pokedex. It's enhanced alot more from the previous models that they had in the past. It also has all the apps the Poke-Gear, Poketch and X-Transicever contained.' Patrick held it looking intently at it wondering what he could do with it. 'So what's going on today?' 'Well, Patrick today your adventure starts. You and Phanpy don't belong in New Bark Town. Your talents would be squandered if you stayed here. That is why we got you the tickets to Unova. Although that region is still affected by the Weather Wrath, I want you to explore that region and go on an adventure. Your parents would've wanted it.' Patrick reached for another muffin and he bit into it. 'The knowledge you've gained over the last year is alot more beneficial due to the fact that you know more about Pokemon now! And you will enjoy your adventure alot more.'

    Patrick stands up with the Tickets and the Pokedex. He doesn't know what to say about this generosity. Phanpy started doing a little happy dance for Patrick. 'Professors...I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me. You took me in, you gave me Phanpy, you gave me under your wing, you educated me...For that I can't be any more grateful...' 'That's okay, my boy. Just remember, whenever your the new World Champion, don't forget that we were the ones who trained you!' replied Mr. Pokemon with glee. Patrick got up and went into his room. It was a tiny room with a bed and a dresser, with a small basket filled with hay, for Phanpy. At the minute Patrick was wearing clothes he wore when he done his chores for Elm. He pulled out newer clothes of his red T-shirt, denim jeans and black vans. Patrick put them on and he found his purple scarf that was all tattered and roughed up a little after the storms and training. He pulled out his rucksack from under the bed and walked out into the kitchen area again where he meets the Professors and his partner.

    Leading him outside to the newly and reconstructed New Bark Town, which now has a watermill beside Gold's house. As the Professors where checking Patrick and Phanpy were prepared to make it to Cherrygrove to board the Libra, a happy lady wearing and apron with brown hair and an Aipom, came running over to the 4 with a bag in her hands. It was Gold's mother, Lola. 'Ahh, Lola how nice of you to join us as we see Patrick off.' Elm cheered. 'I'm glad I made it time, here Patrick, this is for you!' Lola handed the bag over to Patrick. Phanpy began sniffing out a familiar fragrance, as did Patrick. Aipom climbed up on Lola's shoulder as they watched Patrick open the bag to find two plastic containers, one having 12 cookies in it, and the other having Cinnabar Volcano Burger. Patrick's mouth exploded with drool as he was in love with her burgers! 'Oh my God! You really made me one for the road!! Lola you are awesome!!' Patrick exclaimed. Lola smiled. She walked closer to him and hugged him. 'Patrick, your a good kid. You remind me of Gold, so much...If by chance you see him on your travels, tell him his mother misses kid.' She let go as Aipom hopped down to Phanpy and began shaking the elephants snout as to say *So long!* Patrick and Phanpy began making their way through the meadow on the way to Cherrygrove, turning to wave at his mentors and look at New Bark Town, one last time.

    Patrick McCallion - Cherrygrove City

    Patrick and Phanpy were quite familiar with this route, as they did alot of their training here on this route and they went ran a few errands to Mr. Pokemon's house. Patrick had hopped on Phanpy's back as they raced through Route 29 in record time, ignoring all possible Rattata and Pidgey encounters. They looked through the city that seemed to be still quite damaged by the storm, but it wasn't as bad as New Bark Town. Patrick had got off Phanpy to give the poor thing a break. They were walking along as Patrick was looking through his Pokedex messing with various features. Phanpy stops and stares towards the harbour and begins to drag it's foot on the gravel. Patrick looks up to see a trainer with Red hair standing on the pier with a big black crow like Pokemon standing by his side. He ran and jumped off the pier as the crow carried him off. 'Wow...who was that? Any ideas Phanpy?' Patrick asked looking at his companion who was completely stumped. They proceeded towards the docks where they seen a private looking ship, Libra II. Patrick was very excited upon entering the ship.

    As he was approaching the ship, there was a kid in front of the ship causing a disruption. He was complaining about not getting on the boat. The warden kept informing him that he wasn't selected by the professors, so couldn't board. Patrick made his was to the warden and this trainer that was standing by a Rattata. 'Are you getting on this boat too?' Realising that the warden was indeed talking to Patrick he nodded while he pulls out his ticket. He hands it over to the warden for a while as he examines it, and punches the ticket and returns it to Patrick. 'Here you go, young man. Welcome aboard the S.S. Libra Two! We hope you have a nice voyage!' 'Thank you mister!' grinned Patrick as he took the ticket back. The youngster snatched the ticket off Patrick and began running up away. 'HEY! That's my ticket!' 'Young man! Get back here with this boys ticket!' shouted the warden. 'Don't worry, mister, I'll handle this!' Patrick announced as he ran after the boy.

    The youngster ran onto the beach and turned around. Patrick and Phanpy had chased him and stopped him on the beach. 'Give me back my ticket now!' 'NO!' replied the trainer. 'This is a joke! The professor should've given, the mighty Joey, a ticket for this boat! What's so special about a girl scarf!' 'Girl Scarf?!' 'Yeah! That's a scarf only a big sissy girl would wear!' 'Please, don't insult me, just give me back my...what the?' Patrick felt a rustling in his bag, to find a Rattata jumping out of the bag with the lunch, Lola made them. 'OH NO! Phanpy, stop Rattata!' Patrick commanded.

    Phanpy jumped and started chasing the rat. Rattata moved so fast and quick, Phanpy had trouble keeping up. Eventually Rattata tossed the bag in the air, and launched itself at Phanpy at a incredible speed. Phanpy was knocked over, but got up again tooting angrily. The Rattata caught the bag and climbed on Joey's shoulder. The both of them sjirachied.

    'Joey is it?' asked a furious Patrick. 'Please, give me back my food and my ticket before you regret the decision.' Joey laughed louder. He then pointed at Patrick and Phanpy. 'So, you wanna mess with me? Joey, the best trainer in all of Johto!' proclaimed the trainer as he made his way closer to Patrick. 'Your the best trainer in all of Johto?' 'WHAT? You haven't heard of me? The name's Joey, I use the strongest Rattata in the whole world! I am feared among the many great trainers!' Patrick had a blank expression. 'It's true I tell you! TRUE!! The Dragon Master Lance is a child compared to my Rattata! Who needs a Dragonite when you have a Ratt...No the TOP-Percentage of Rattata!' With that Joey stood proud as Rattata mimiced his action. 'Your pathetic little Phanpy can't do a single thing to my 100% Ultimate Rattata!!' standing in another victorious pose, Phanpy got alot more angry as it stepped closer to Rattata.

    'Let me tell you the origin of my Rattata! Rattata was brought up by the Legendary Pokemon Mew, it was raised and learned all sorts of powerful attacks from Mew. But Mew and Celebii had a fight which made Celebii, send Rattata off to space! While in space Rattata came across the lost planet of Metagross-7 where Rattata faced off against the almighty Deoxys overload and freed the Solrock and Lunatone from slavery and injustice over their race. But Deoxys thought it had the last laugh whenever it teleported Rattata to the realm of the mighty Groudon and Kyorge, which was the one that stopped their battle over a year ago. However, Rattata was too uber and awesome to think about saving the Johto Region which is why...' Before Joey could finish his epic tale, his Rattata was blasted across the beach with boiling hot water and twitching in pain. Joey's expression completely changed, he for once, didn't talk. Phanpy proudly skipped over to the cookies and ticket, retrieved them and brought them back to Patrick. Patrick and Phanpy walked away. He turned to Joey, 'I'm sorry about your Rattata, but you had it coming to you. You can't steal people's things.' The trainer and Pokemon walked away smiling as they felt proud.
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