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Thanks, again for the overworlds you will be credited


What the duce, are you just spamming me?


The mission system (sometimes referred to quests as well) will work like PMD where quests auto generate (except only 10 generate daily per mission center)

The achievements will also be semi-generative, I will manually generate these and on the start up of the game (even before you reach the titlescreen) it will download all possible achievements available. I don't know how you knew this feature as I didn't really say anything about it.

Finally here's my updates:

Finished up route 2
Finished up the "Wifi center" (this controls trading, battles, and mystery gift)
New Menu Screen (I now have 3 to choose from, classic, Rick1234's style, and Rayquaza's style (still working on his menu)) and of course you may select any of the three menus at anytime in the options : D (this might not be in the first release depending on how far I get in the story) I'll also trick these out with the mouse! (Low priority though, I am concentrating on more major things first)

Also, before anyone asks about the images (at the bottom) Image Shack cut the bottom of the images