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Originally Posted by ♪Twiggy♪ View Post
Let's ignore used laptops for now... Feel free to compare any of these laptops that I'm planning to buy very soon after I trade in my Mac.

Current laptop: MacBook Air (11", mid-2011)
Intel Core i5-2467M (dual-core with HT, 1.6 GHz, up to 2.3 GHz, ULV, 3M cache)
Intel HD Graphics 3000
128 GB SSD
No optical drive
Unknown Bluetooth version (It's 4.0 btw)
8 months left in warranty[/b]
After reading through this thread, I'm still not sure why you think It's time to upgrade? Your 2011 MacBook Air should have plenty of power for anything other than heavy gaming. Looking at these specs, the CPU is still quite relevant, The Intel 3000 graphics should provide enough power to watch any HD video streaming or not and handle minor gaming titles well. The fact that the only features that Mountain Lion leaves out for this that I know of Might be Power Nap, but I think there was an EFI update for these not too long ago that enabled that. At 4GB of Ram it should be able to run any program you throw at it today.
You mention having a monitor you plug it into, so screen resolution probably isn't a concern, so the only logical conclusions I can speculate are that you either need a built in optical drive, want to play more intensely graphic games, or that you are always running out of HD space. (the first and last options can easily be remedied with external devices to store and play content.)
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