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Reason For Joining: Just some of my favourite Pokemon are obtained by Trade Evolution; Such as Kingdra, Porygon-Z, Rhyperior and Electivire! They all are also very strong Pokemon, wielding VERY good Move-Pools. Also Trade Evolution is VERY worth it because it is one of the hardest Evolution Methods to do by yourself (Please note the "Yourself" there).

Do you like trading as a method of evolution? Why or why not?

It has it's pros and cons. Now, it is very worth it and the Pokemon you can get are strong. But, sometimes it can be such a nuisance getting the Pokemon you need as sometimes it evolves by Trade twice, such as Porygon-Z. Also, some Pokemon's Pre-Evolutions are just hard to get, and the fact that you're trading it away to another person is not helpful to having your own one. Also, one kind of Trade Evolution requires two Pokemon that can do Trade Evolutions together or else it won't work.

It's got quite a good concept, but sometimes it's just annoying.