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Originally Posted by thanethane98 View Post
Hey everybody, I've been working on a new hack for awhile now, and it's beginning to see some progress being made. I'm thinking of putting it up in the Progressing Hacks section soon, but I'm not quite sure when at the moment. So I'm wondering, when would you consider it a good point in development to put up a hack for others to see?
I say it depends on how many scripts you have in each town + on each route.
If you are using a lot of scripts in each town and each route, then put up the first beta when you have got to the second town and update it from there.
If you don't use a lot of scripts, then stick a beta up when you've done the third town and release an update for every town completed (Unless bug fixes are required)
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That's about as much as you're going to get for now...