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    Few issues I've had:
    1. Keys aren't working.
    2. A trainer inside the relic castle upper floors has a sigilyph with no attack moves. I meant to use a level 6 pokemon as a damage soak but didn't want it to get the experience for it, but the Sigilyph only knew miracle eye, tailwind, and two other non damaging moves. It was an experience since I let it kill my seedot out of spite, waiting sixty some turns for struggle.
    3. Victini is not present at Liberty Garden. I never got Victini in BW so I don't know if I'm missing something, but from what I can tell there is nothing I can do to trigger the event. I will come back after triggering the other legendaries and see if anything has changed. Conversely, I just entered Heatran's chamber with Bianca in tow (first time through the area), and Groudon was there. I attempted a quick fight, he was level 75 and came with a level 1 ---- whose image was a circled question mark. Bianca forces only double battles is the most likely reason for that.
    4. Some pokemon who don't appear on your wild list appear in different areas.
    5. Gym Leaders from other areas are infinitely available for challenge (so far Watson/Norman/Brawly) which makes training pretty easy.

    Great game in general, it's really nice to have access to powerful pokemon early. Busted my ass in BW2 to find a riolu at the ranch, only for it to suck dick with a calm nature. Having a Justified Lucario as well as a Magic Bounce Espeon is a ton of fun.

    A couple of things I wouldn't mind seeing:
    1. Earlier electirizer/magmarizer, because Electivire is amazing
    2. You give us access to all the sweet psuedo legendaries in mistralton early on with bagon/axew/lairon/larvitar/beldum/deino, but then don't let us get a Gible

    Thanks for all your effort and if anyone knows the answer to my victini quandary, I would appreciate aid.
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