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    Kenshin Ren

    Kenshin snapped out of his thoughts and looked back to Ryan. "Oh. Right," he said a little embarrassed. "Sorry!" he said with a quick bow before leaving the room with Pikachu. He was a little bit curious now. What happened on those islands? Did Dad really beat the challenge? Did he not complete them yet do something else that allowed him to catch Mom's eye? All these questions swirling in his head. Still, Ryan said he'd only take a few students on that field trip to try and find that Lugia. Did Mom and Dad ever see the Lugia there? Or even the other Legendary Birds around those islands, Moltrez, Articuno, or Zapdos?

    Maybe he should send them an email and ask them about it. Although...If he's not even going to be able to make the trip...Would it be even worth it to badger them more about it?

    He continued to wander down the academy hallways lost in his thoughts.
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