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Update 2
Dang, I'm moving fast!

-Hacked in Kaigun, the Serious female Feebas. ( Now I have a leg! )
-Trained Kaigun to level 10 and taught her Return
-Beat Team Galatic easily alongside Lucas.
-Received the Fashion Case
-Beat Trainers along Route 204
-Got to Florama Town
-Beat Team Galatic grunt at the Valley Windworks
-Beat Team Galatic Grunts at Florama Meadow
-Received the Works Key
-Bought Ten Honey
-Put Honey on Trees
-Waited a day
-Caught Suzume, the Lax female Combee, ( yay I now have an arm! )
-Trained Suzume to level 15
-Beat Team Galatic at the Windworks
-Annihiliated Mars' fat kitty with Scorch
-Beat Trainers on Route 205
-Went through Eterna Forest with Cheryl
-Suzume evolved at level 21
-Got to Eterna City
-Went to entrance to Cycling Road to receive EXP share from Rowan's assistant. Gave it to Kaigun
-Easily defeated Gardenia with Suzume and Scorch

I'll update sometime tomorrow. I'll try to update once a day depending on how school is going. Senior year is a buzz kill.
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