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@Danaxe: Alright... first of all from a quick look at May's wiki page I can determine that her skitty did not in fact simply "find it's way into" her pokeball. Now, if I can check your facts with a simple google search, what's stopping you from doing the same?

I don't have quality standards to be mean; I have quality standards to keep the roleplay healthy and enjoyable for it's RPers! A roleplay where anyone can /literally/ do anything they want inevitably results in the quality of RP dropping and RPers trolling eachother. Pokemon literally walking their ways into pokeballs all herp-de-derp? That's pretty mary suish. Pokemon BW2 finally gave us a clear answer to the conflict of humans owning pokemon and that was that pokemon are more often than not happy to serve humans either way, but as a rule of thumb would rather do so outside of a pokeball given the choice.

That being said, second of all... Why would you sit there and listen to us tell you what needs improving, tell us you're going to improve it, and then change a bunch of stuff in your SUs except the actual things we pointed out as problems? I'm a very forgiving person, but if you're just going to disregard what I say then perhaps your time would be better spent finding and joining an RP where the GM doesn't care as much about it's RPers :l

@Everyone: A hurricane kind of wiped out my net. I hope to be back online soon enough.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~