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If you can pick one thing from Ace Attorney that excited you the most, what would it be?

Whenever one of the "Pursuit" themes played. Not only was it one of the things that I looked forward to most, but whenever it played it would literally send chills down my spine. The idea of the "Pursuit" themes was great, and it was a well executed way of driving the seriousness and ferocity of the situation.

Do you think the series is oversexualised in any way?
I thought about that, and I really don't think so. Sure, in the beginning there were two (three if you count Rise from the Ashes) characters that were well endowed (Mia, Angel, and April), but two of the three had justified reasons for their endowment, and the other one didn't detriment the character design. There are some other characters that could be considered oversexualized, but the reasons for their appearances are usually either justified or don't go "over the top".
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