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Sorry I haven't posted in a long time, I just have been very busy Anyway I have a new update on my progress in my steel challenge. I have also decided that I will allow myself to get an onix but not allow myself to evolve it until after I find the metal coat (which I can find after I beat the elite four once as in fire red you have additional story after the elite four and they are rematchable with increased levels and new pokemon so for me to finish fire red I have to beat them a second time.

Username: Dude0000579 (Trainer Name: Dude579)
Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
Game(s): (FR?)-> S -> S -> D -> B
Monotype: Steel
Team: Magnemite > Magneton, Onix

Update 2:
Got through Mt Moon.
Beat Misty
Beat Rival
Went to see Bill and got SS ticket
Went to Vermilion City
Went on SS Anne
Magnemite evolved in Magneton
Beat Rival on SS Anne
Got Cut for the Captain
Caught HM SLAVE (Meowth) for Cut

Before battling Lt Surge
Magneton Lv 33 Lax Sturdy 87/54/78/86/47/59 Spark, Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, Supersonic.

(I am making these updates much more general)
Beat Lt Surge
Caught a few pokemon and put them in PC to get HM05
Got an Onix in Rock Tunnel
Beat Giovanni in Team Rocket Hideout
Beat Erika
Beat Rival and "saved" Mr Fuji in Pokemon Tower
Caught and put in PC a Snorlax
Beat Koga
Trolled Team Rocket and beat Giovanni in Silph Co

Current Team
Magenton Lv 50 Lax Sturdy 130/85/119/133/72/99 Spark, Thunder Wave, Hidden Power (Water), Supersonic. - I was so happy that it was hp water, I was getting owed by ground pokemon alot.
Onix Lv 49 Lonely Sturdy 110/73/153/40/55/106 Rock Throw, Iron Tail, Strength, Rock Slide.