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Avishka's ϟ Sparks & Shocks ϟ club was revoked due to consisting mostly of content taken directly from another club without the owner's permission. Feel free to remake the club but please make it your own work in future!

Originally Posted by Umbr30n View Post
I looked it up on Bulbapedia, and almost all of the trainers found there are Gym Leaders anyway, so I see your point. After all, the only "Different" trainers there are either Champions/Former Champions (Which might be considered similar to Gym Leaders anyway) and about 3 different trainers (Including Hugh but excluding Blue since he is Former Champion). So yeah, I can see your point.

The only Clubs that I think are suitable enough is a Rival Club or a Elite Four Pokemon Club, but yeah, I know I can only choose one.

Is it okay if I reserve a Rival Club?
I loved the old Rivals Club, it was sad when it closed :( So yes, I'll add your reservation now - you have until November 6th. :)