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Fester and Rose
While resting they saw a young boy walking through the caves, "Hey Rose what do you make of that? A small child in a cave like this!" He looked a hit harder, "Does that seem odd to you?"

"Yeah quiet odd indeed, I wonder why he looks so sad." Rose exclaimed.

"No no, that won't do! We must cheer the lad up, a child down in these caverns must be here to mourn his father or such." Rose recognized this character as merely a young player. Though she really had no choice in the matter, and she herself truly wanted help if he was sad.

"What is your plan?" She really needed to know what he was going to do, since he was eccentric.

"Plan? Such matters require no plan! We must greet him and shower him with gifts, that will surely liven his spirits!" He ran after the boy, Rose followed.

It seems odd that a mere child would be soloing down here, I wonder if he is lost. Wait a minute... WHAT GIFTS!? She stopped him, "What are you giving him?"

"Why simply all of our food and ore, I have no use for the ore and we are killing much for food!" He spoke matter-of-factly.

"I guess so" She was hoping to sell the ore for money, but before she could protest he had already stopped the boy.

"Young man!" He bellowed, "Allow me to shower you with gifts to raise your spirits! And while you're at it, what has you down in such a way?" Rose winced at how loud he spoke, she simply smiled and nodded.
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