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    May. Why? because I'm a tomboy too and I love Blaziken! And food too!
    Why not misty? 'Cause she is sooooooooooo boring... Only water types o_o
    (Cylan is a grass type gym leader, and he caught a Dwebble and a Stunfisk)
    Dawn? Nah, she and her ''super contest dresses''
    Piplup is soooooooooooooo irritating...
    Originally Posted by PorygonSquared View Post
    May. I liked the fresh approach she brought to the show with contests. Since Dawn is doing something similar, there is a lack of this "novelty" appeal that May had as a character. And her personality is borderline between sweetheart and strong-willed. Plus, I can actually view May and Dawn as important characters rather than mere "sidekicks," always a plus when most females in anime are mere "cheerleaders" for the main bloke.

    I don't know why so many people prefer Misty, but then again I'm that nutjob who thinks that Season 1 is overrated beyond belief.
    I super hyper agree :3
    I support:
    Pokemon Aqua blue version

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