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Hey Julie (hope you don't mind if I call you that)
You came to the shop and just in time because... you are the 100th poster!

I've made at least 40 sprites now, thank you all for your requests and support!
Every sprite will have a seal of 100th Post at the lower right, however, if you want a copy without the seal just ask.
Also, what do you want the banner to say?
Anyways, a big thanks to all of you!

PikakittenX, devout member of the Pokecommunity

P.S. @julie
Kirlia and Mawile... something tells me you're a Hoenn fan.
Also, I wasn't stalking but when I went to leave the VM I saw you were on Misty, May or Dawn and saw you pick May so it's pretty evident. Hoenn is my favourite gen. Hope they do the remakes.
Also, thanks for using the banner, hope you become a regular!
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