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Oops, almost time for this to be over. I better hurry up and do it!

Name: Myrrhman/A
Game: Red
Favorite Team: Tennessee Vols. Duh.
Favorite Sport: Fencing

Star Player: Scyther (My two choices for fencing players were Beedrill and Scyther, and my weapon [sabre] is more cutting instead of stabbing)
Cheerleader: Pidgeot (Makes the speed cut by 1 lol. Phew. Plus, Pidgey's a pretty peppy Pokemon.
Mascot: Arcanine (Tennessee's mascot is Smokey the beagle, and Growlithe/Arcanine are like I think the only dogs in gen 1)
Band: Golbat (Such a weird band. Oh well. His sprite looks like he can sing)
Fans: Electabuzz (The fans of fencing are usually other fencers, and fencers are usually pretty agile, especially sabruers. Plus half of our biggest rivals (with the exception of Bama) is Florida, which is represented by a Gator, which is represented by the Water type, and Electric > Water)
Sponsored by: Nidoking (Really needed someone who could learn Surf, tbh. And Nidoking's my second favorite Pokemon. But I'm teaching him Pay Day this run to really get the sponsorship up.