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    "Well, it was worth a shot." Ryan said, laughing. Inside, he felt the way he had the many years of his childhood, rejected. He took a bite of his food, but hardly tasted anything. When Claire mentioned the group idea, his head shot up.

    "Of course! That'd be amazing! I'd have to warn you though, I usually summon imps of some sort during battles, and they can be mischievous. Don't be afraid to punch them if they're causing you trouble." Ryan said, trying to contain his feelings.

    At least she isn't angry or anything. But seriously, mental bonds? That only happens with psychics! Guess its no wonder why they're so rare. But I could have sworn that they were... where did I hear that? Truthfully, I don't remember... what inconvenience. Ryan thought to himself. He ate another bite, this one tasting much better.

    "So, About that, what exactly are groups? I mean I know that they have seperate missions, and that they're formed from partners, but is there any other significance?" Ryan asked, then looked down at his wristwatch that he had recently acquired. He saw that he still had plenty of time before he needed to do anything else.

    "Well, I'm off. Probably going to go browse some shops in town, then go to the training hall. See you around, hope Kale gets better!" Ryan said as he got up and exited the shop, stopping to pay for both plates, and Claire's coffee. He got a steak for Yaphaeral, being sure to tell them to keep it as rare as possible.

    As he walked down the street, a store grabbed his eye. He entered, and saw the shopkeeper jamming with some headphones on. He noticed Ryan, and put them around his neck, allowing the dance music to fill the store.

    "Hey. Tell me if you need anything." He said in an unenthusiastic way. Ryan nodded, and he put his headphones back on. Ryan browsed through the shop, stopping when he saw gloves that 'gives a large amount of force to a punch with no consequence to your hand.' Ryan picked up a pair, and walked up to the counter. Paying what he had to, Ryan put them into his pocket. With this done, he left the store, and began strolling down the street. The next shop that caught his eye had a mechanical aspect, and Ryan entered.

    "Greetings. Welcome to O's Mechanic Shop!" Said a reasonably young student, who had to stand on a stool to see over the counter. He nodded, knowing from his experience with the spirit race to not judge based on appearances. He was looking around when he saw a pair of glasses that apparently worked like a mobile computer, but only showed information that you downloaded. He brought the pair up to the counter, and played the lofty price for them. He also purchased an info pack on summoning, which included instructions for pentagons as well as some summoning spells. He walked out of the shop, saying goodbye to Lucy and thanking her. He then walked in the direction of the training hall, intent on trying his new gloves.
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