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Yes, I know this is not officially released. I'm seeking informational data from those who know about it as I'm trying to learn more about it.

I am fully aware that TM95, Snarl, is found contained in the Lock Capsule. I know that the Lock Capsule has to come from HG/SS. I further know that the Lock Capsule is an unreleased key event item, and have read that it's picked up as a Mystery Gift at the Pokémon Center.

What I don't know is whether it's only available after you defeat the Elite Four. I have an Action Replay code that I decided to try out that supposedly unlocks it, but I am finding that it doesn't seem to do the job. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I dunno. However, I made my two main missions in Black as follows:

1) Get all Pokémon
2) Get all TMs

I can't do #2 without getting the Lock Capsule working. Anyone know anything about it?

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