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    John Archer[Ranzatsu]

    -Ranzatsu didn't have much to say in terms of the mans greeting, but the way he referred to him was annoying. John in his normal life had been 16 and was about 5'10 which was taller than most men grow in a lifetime. His in-game avatar had been made to look the same way, and when his own real appearance was integrated into it, there wasn't too much difference except for the hair color and style which was now shorter and black. The man was only about an inch above him, and didn't look much bigger than John himself so to be titled with a term such as "young man" caused some vexation. When he turned to the man his face held the default "POed" look that he wore in public in his normal life.-

    "It is funny how you should call me a young man when I am just about as tall as you and look only a few years younger, maybe two but probably four at most. I don't require your gifts, and I'm not down, just annoyed. Your yelling is only worsening my mood and I would be grateful if you wouldn't do it again."

    -Sending his gaze over the woman behind him once, he sighed slowly and continued on his way deeper into the cave.-
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