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Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
Welcome to the challenge! Red is allowed, thank you for making me notice that I didn't put him in the OP. That has now been rectified.
Not a problem, thanks very much

Anyway minor update

Started on Volt White 2
Used AR to catch to catch Pikachu (not aviable for awhile)
and Munchlax (hacked in an egg)

Started up volt white 2, decided what the hell turned on Challenge Mode

1-Beat Rival with Tepig easily, complained at Bianca to hurry and stop talking
2-finally got out to Route 19, captured Pikachu (m)
3-came back town and got my Munchlax Egg -almost forgot I hacked one in lol-
4-Continued on to Floccesy Town and meeting up with Alder tellings us he seen Hugh and Oshawott
5-Training on Route 20

(Egg, not hatched)
Level: ----
Nature: ---

Name: Tailapras (f)
Level 8
Nature: Relaxed

Name: Mattachu (m)
Nature: Naughty
Level 10

Don't think I'll have to hack in the starters, I might but I dont' think so will update again soon

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