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This is a fun game called, did you know?(the old one expired so I started a new one) It is really simple. It starts off by the original poster(me) posting a fact and you answering and asking, but did you know? and then following with a Pokemon fact. Here's an example

Poster 1: Did you know-(insert Pokemon fact here)

Poster 2: Yes i did know that/no i didn't know that, but did you know-(insert Pokemon fact here)

Poster 3: same as poster 2 but with new fact.

The rules are simple, just no double posting, read back a few post to make sure the fact hasn't been said already, and NO stupid facts like "did you know Pikachu is yellow" make sure it is a fact and is interesting. Have fun. I'll start.

Did you know that Shellos and Gastrodon were originally planned for the Hoenn games, but were instead used in Gen 4?

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