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Reinhard Ossur- Floor 4

It has been at least two days now. The dark dungeon made him forget what sunlight was. The stank air made him yearn for fresh air. And the monsters made peace and quiet a distant memory. But this was normal. Aincrad, itself, took such pleasantries away from Reinhard when it decided to lock him inside its virtual grip. Now, only through such suffering would he find the exit. Floor 4 had become his training for some time. While his level said he could belong on the next floor, he wanted to grind it out a bit longer before he would return to Mount Lost. Simply put, the monsters on the next floor nearly trampled him earlier. He was unprepared, and that mistake wouldn't happen again.

The underground passages of the fourth floor were rich in resources and monsters. A perfect hunting ground to prepare for the fifth floor. Reinhard took his time walking throughout the passages, having collected a variety of ores and some decent pieces of equipment to sell, seeing how Reinhard had already upgraded his weapons and armor at the general stores when he stopped at the fifth floor. It was progressively becoming more and more tedious to be in the dungeon, as the monsters were barely worth killing anymore. He sighed as he walked a slow pace, following his map, hoping to find the entrance to the cave system before long.

"Aaaah!" Reinhard awoken from his daze when he heard a scream. That wasn't out of the ordinary though. It could be a battle scream, after all. Some people get into the spirit of the game. Or screaming in the heat of the battle reminds them they are alive. "Ah! Help us!" Okay, now that wasn't normal. Reinhard used his listening skill and quickly found the direction of the cry for help, and used his speed skill to come to the rescue.

Sprinting faster than he ever had to in a while, Reinhard quickly came to a terrible sight: a group of 5 players surrounded by Goblins, poking at the players with spears, swords and any other crudely made weapon they got their claws on. They were roaring, spewing saliva at the crying young players. The 2 girls in the group were clearly petrified, but the boys in the group were barely faring any better. Reinhard drew his blade and whistled at the goblins, trying to catch their attention to no avail.

"Tch, figures. Some advanced AI SAO," he said with a spit. He picked up a stray rock on the ground and launched it at the lead Goblin, who was about to deliver a finishing blow to the group's leader. The goblin was startled and the entire group faced Reinhard's direction. "That's right. You are fighting me now."

As a group, the goblins charged forward but Reinhard was more than ready. Taking a defensive stance, Reinhard parried each of their attacks and came out of the first engagement nearly unscathed until their leader knocked Reinhard back with a large attack of his own.

Reinhard: 88%

Looks like I cannot be too cocky here.

Reinhard reaffirmed himself that he could stay the course and win the fight. He fought groups of goblins before and was able to formulate strategy then. He cannot let the fact he had hapless victims deter him. He counted about 8 goblins. A larger group than normal, but nothing he couldn't handle. At least that is what he kept telling himself.

Reinhard put his back to the wall, preventing himself from being surrounded. That way no attacks from behind could occur. Reinhard kept his defense up and waited for an attack to counter. Randomly swinging would open him up to more hits, something that he obviously couldn't afford. One goblin was overly eager and lunged forward, in which Reinhard countered the strike and struck with two quick slashes. He then did a quick pivot and cleaved through another goblin that was previously injured from the victims from earlier. That was 2 down, 6 to go. The other goblins did a group attack that Reinhard managed to escape from with a brief burst of speed. Using a sword art and scoring what he would call a "critical hit", Reinhard took down another another goblins. But then the Goblins made an adjustment, realizing that Reinhard was going for quick takedowns when opportunities arose. That was what the group attack was for. He was now exposed to the remaining five as they circled Reinhard. He blocked one attack only to take a direct shot to the back.

Reinhard : 74%

His health was getting closer to yellow. That was a precarious position. Defenseless for the moment, a goblin lifted its club above his head and was ready to bring down the pain, but then suddenly a spear went through its heart. The beast, like its brethren, evaporated in a flash of light. Behind the light was a scared warrior, who leapt back as the goblins roared. But Reinhard seized the opportunity provided by the distraction and swung his long sword in a circle taking down the remaining goblins in one great swing. As the goblins disappeared in a flash, the rewards of the battle were distributed.


Experience gained: 250
Col: 1000
Items Dropped (2): Steel Blade, Iron Buckler

A decent drop, but nothing immediately useful to him. His Claymore was far more useful right now and shields did not compliment his strategy. More to sell.

"Ah, thank you!" said the party leader that aided him in combat. "You saved our lives."

Reinhard nodded and turned around, making his way back to where he was headed.

"Hey! Wait! Why don't you party with us? We could use the help and being a solo player can't be that fun…right?"

"I am a solo player so I don't have to deal with people like you."

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