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Nice catch ;O
Well this is actually more than possible, it's quite easy. All you'd need to do is find $maxnote in ...### EDIT AVATAR ###... in profile.php.

It's actually right here:
$maxnote = '';
		if ($permissions['avatarmaxsize'] AND ($permissions['avatarmaxwidth'] OR $permissions['avatarmaxheight']))
			$maxnote = construct_phrase($vbphrase['note_maximum_size_x_y_or_z'], $permissions['avatarmaxwidth'], $permissions['avatarmaxheight'], $permissions['avatarmaxsize']);
		else if ($permissions['avatarmaxsize'])
			$maxnote = construct_phrase($vbphrase['note_maximum_size_x'], $permissions['avatarmaxsize']);
		else if ($permissions['avatarmaxwidth'] OR $permissions['avatarmaxheight'])
			$maxnote = construct_phrase($vbphrase['note_maximum_size_x_y_pixels'], $permissions['avatarmaxwidth'], $permissions['avatarmaxheight']);
		$show['maxnote'] = (!empty($maxnote)) ? true : false;
There's your variable right in there :3 (Actually I think it's under that segment cause this is the text variable, the actual dimensions would have to be declared before/after this part :/ - sorry too tired to think right now :/)
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