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I would say the sprites from BW/2 are a bit outdated because when you really compare them, they aren't that much more advanced then the sprites from the GBA games, and for a lot of them (mostly the first 493) they are the exact same sprites as as the DPP games (except now they move). Plus in BW/2 the sprites are very pixelated at times.

It wouldn't be just a new undiscovered sub-area of Unova, it would be a BRAND NEW region WEST of Unova like Johto and Kanto. Johto had a lot of Kanto based Pokemon, and this new region would have a lot of Unova based Pokemon, with a few new ones.

I get that it might be a bit strange or unnecessary to have a brand new region/some new Pokemon without beginning a new generation at the same time, but I think it could be a cool change from the traditional formula. Why not have 2 new regions in one generation? Why not add an extra 50 Pokemon late generation? Generation V seems to be all about breaking the standard formula to an extent so this could go with that theme.

It would make sense that there would be 8 new gym leaders/elite four 2 years later. because it's not Unova. This game would be a continuation of BW2 just like BW2 was a continuation of BW.

The reason I suggested only having about 50 or so new Pokemon was in part because some people think the amount of new Pokemon is getting too high and maybe Game Freak needs to cut back because they are running out of ideas? I don't necessarily agree with that but I think it could change things up a bit. Also having mostly Unova Pokemon would reinforce the idea that this game is still sorta techinically part of the Generation V series, but with a handful of new Pokemon would also be considered a semi-middle generation. Could be an interesting break from formula.

Eventually when a full blown Generation VI comes around that would include 100+ new Pokemon.

I don't really expect any of this happen. I think we'll get Generation VI before anything else and I think 3rd gen remakes will be released in Gen VI not V.
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